Donegal is a really beautiful place in Ireland. It is known for its natural beauty like landscapes, beaches, rivers, forests etc. Donegal attracts tourism a lot due to its rich history.  You will read some historical points of Donegal below in this blog. Donegal has many attractive sights related to its history like there are many historical gardens are situated. You can see a typical modern bungalow covered by a liberal half-acre garden. Planting begin here in 1984, with perennials, trees, shrubs, plants from friends, all coming together an attractive excited planting style. You can also visit in art galleries too. These art galleries contain many types of different arts like you can see various kind of paintings of famous painters. These paintings are too costly. You can visit the Donegal art gallery. The Donegal Art Gallery is located on Upper Main Street, Donegal Town, and is open Monday to Saturday, from 9am to 6pm. Donegal castle is also famous. Visitors go there in on a big scale. On the opposite side of the road as you leave Donegal Castle you will observe a building of old world exterior in cut stone a relic of lost art – stone masonry.
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